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Regulated Digital Currency Single-Window Platform

Our Solutions

Digital Currency Single-Window API

Enables central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), private stablecoins, and other regulated digital assets to be transferred and exchanged globally in a seamless, fully compliant system integrating key functionality such as digital identity, universal digital wallet, custody, clearing & settlement, exchange, Regtech compliance, and FX liquidity functionality in a simple, unified, and intuitive user interface.

Universal and interoperable technology standard

For financial institutions, central banks, payment platforms, digital wallet aggregators, and other last-mile ecosystems. We have already integrated major permissioned distributed ledgers and multiple permissionless distributed ledgers.

Fintech-as-a-Service Middleware Platform

To allow 3rd party Fintech and financial service partners to quickly develop digital financial service solutions leveraging a common set of microservices (including the Digital Currency Single-Window as the initial core functionality) that can immediately penetrate and scale into the key ecosystems in the developing world.


FreeFlow’s solution is a regulated digital currency single-window platform, positioned to lead governments in their transition from unregulated to regulated digital currencies with a focus on CBDCs (Central Bank Digital Currencies) and private stablecoins. The platform will feature direct P2P digital currency transactions between platforms and currencies, infrastructure that connects all regional digital and traditional payment rails, digital wallet infrastructure, full digital asset custody solutions, FX provisions for all digital currencies, and an institutional-grade, standardized middleware layer with full regulatory compliance. FreeFlow’s infrastructure enables country-level strategic digital finance ecosystem development, that will serve all of a government’s needs as their nation enters the new digital financial world.

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